Its simple and practical system allows to work with guides or freehand.
The adjustments referred and 'equipped allow to easily act on the amount of color to distribute and vary the working light depending on the thickness of the material to be dyed.
It also allows, in the process of cleaning a quick operation since the transport of the paint system is distributed by an easily removable wheel via a simple knob.
Also available with a variable speed drive (versions VR-175).
The machine also has the handy support series for the color bottles.
The brand new navigation and control system and the door color wheel allows by a simple operation to adjust the distance from the coating roller.
This registration also allows the machines to apply the KIT for the execution of the painting of small details like zips (version 175 MINI).
The diameter of the roller is 7 mm and allows to enter even in very tight curves.


Model 175 (head only) Model 175 Mini-
motor HP 0.25; 1400 rpm; 220/380 volt three-phase
Dimensions 30 x 45 x 32 cm; net weight 25 kg

Model 175 S (with support) Mod. 175-VRS (with speed and support adjustment)
0.25 HP motor; 1400 rpm; 220/380 volt three-phase (220 V for version VR)
Overall dimensions 40x50x150 cm; net weight 40 Kg

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