Machine very useful and simple to use.
It is used in the leather goods industry, shoe factories etc.
Particularly suitable to retort bag after applying the profile.
This model is used for the final hemming after sewing the coupling and bonding.
This machine than the manual hammer speeds up to 75% job.
Interchangeable anvils and adjustable according to the material thickness to argue.

Technical characteristics
Motor 0.25 HP; 1400 rpm; 220/380 volts AC.
Adjustable distance.
Upper and lower anvil anvil.
Frequency 1400 strokes per minute.

Standard models

Mod. 220 Standard model with support
Overall dimensions 50 x 75 cm x 135 cm
net weight 85 kg

Mod. 220-T Model Only Head
Dimensions 50 x 75 cm x 40 cm
net weight 45 Kg

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