Machine prepared to put different types of zippers, shirts, clips and all the accessories for the finishing of belts, bags, wallets, etc.
The machine is equipped as standard with a pair of blocks acts to the closure of the details; but it can also be an optional request processing for the opening of the hinges.
The 205 works by simply depressing the pedal, so as to leave both hands free.
This and 'provided with two mechanical limit switches: a limit switch serves to limit the closing height, so that all the accessories are blocked with the same pressure.
The second limit switch serves to limit the stroke of the pedal, to reduce operator effort and have a shorter machining process.
The blocks are made with special materials, so that the user can adapt to his liking and exploit them for any need.
Both nozzles are interchangeable and may require special measures.

vents standard measures 60 x 15 mm
Dimensions 45 x 63 x 110 cm
Net weight 36 Kg

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