The SATURN-SFK has created this machine to make possible the uniform and rapid opening of the curved shape with hinges.
In each are shown a speed regulator and 3 punches to overcome various forms and dimensions of the parts to open.
In the event that it were to open zippers with accessories is provided the VRI version with gear inverter to work in both directions of travel, so as to be able to realize also in two times complex hinges.
The punches allow to perform hinges 90 ° and with a minimum radius of curvature.
This machine can also be used to preform the handles.
This operation is made possible with the simple replacement of the upper punch and the lower counterpressure.
The TRANSFORMATION M is formed by a pair of shaped rollers which copy the dimensions of the handle and the passage within they replace the manual work of pressing by hand or with pliers, giving the possibility of facilitating the performance of seam.


Stringimaniglie Mod. 206-VRIM
Power 220 Volt single-phase motor 0.18 kW with direct shaft
electronic control via inverter - Ditto with trainers Handles standard diameter 8 mm
Dimensions: 70 X 60 X 120 cm
Weight: 60 kg

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