We gave this drier the name "Compact" as its external dimensions and 'reduced, despite having 40 shelves.
The particular structure, the shelves with rounded corners and the happy arrangement of springs, it has allowed the realization with a more than 10% in more useful surface, while having a limited overall dimensions.
In other words, we can say that the drier 'compact' and 'big inside and small outside.
Built in 40 inclinable shelves, plasticized with a modern procedure that makes it resistant to heat up to a temperature of 200 degrees, it can also be used for placement in the cabinet ovens for baking or curing inks.
Mobile on four castor wheels, which allow the displacement in any direction.


Art. 950 003
40 cm size shelves 75 x 50
cm Overall dimensions 80 x 60 x 110

Art. 950 004
50 cm size shelves 110 x 80
cm Dimensions 120 x 92 x 190

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