SATURN has created this machine to cut to fit all types of belts, watch straps, loops, but also strips of cardboard, capstan, tubes for handles, etc.
The simplicity and rapidity of execution make the mod. 416 very versatile and practical.
Its ergonomic design, robust and small makes it highly effective and convenient.
The standard version has a passage opening belt of 50 mm with a height of 9 mm.
Incoming adjustable guide allows to perfectly bring the strip to be cut in order to have an orthogonal cut.
Fast front access for changing the blade and cleaning.
The millimetric ruler with stop allows you to view the excess measure for cutting.

Technical Specifications

Maximum cutting width 50 mm - 9 mm - guide pieces - millimetric ruler
Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 260 mm - Weight 7.5 kg

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