This machine is ideal for gluing every detail of suitcases, small leather goods, shoes, cardboard, etc.
Suitable for using glue to latex or vinyl.
Independent power supply bonding with removable trays.
The transmission is a chain operated by an adjustable mechanical clutch.

 Series models

229 A (standard) - 229 AVR (with regulator of speed ')
290 mm useful width of the central bonding - no glides; ideal for belts

239 A (standard) - 239 AVR (with regulator of speed ')
390 mm useful width of the central bonding - and mm5 0 side with aspirator

249 A (standard) - 249 AVR (with regulator of speed')
490 mm light profit of the central bonding - and 50 mm lateral with aspirator

259 a (standard) - 259 AVR (with regulator of speed ')
590 mm useful width of the central bonding - and 50 mm lateral with fan


Three-phase motor HP 0,25 - rev 1400 - Volt 220/380 (model A)
Single-phase motor HP 0.25 - 1400 rpm - 220 Volt (for AVR model)
elastic rubber top roller with irregular surfaces materials
safety Protection by adjustable automatic clutch
Unique for bonding of materials with height up to 10 mm
at telescope over the roller guide strips from 1 mm to 50 mm
Locking rack adjustable snap
the roller transmission with chain and anchor
Extreme simplicity 'for the extraction of the rollers that compose the machine
shock absorber system for the metering roll.
Overall dimensions for series 239 cm 85x55x110, net weight 93 Kg approximately
Dimensions series 249 cm 95x55x110, net weight 98 Kg approximately
Dimensions series 259 cm 105x55x110 net weight about 105 Kg

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