Universal This product was created to be used on all sewing machines.
Its design makes the practical guide and adaptable to any situation sewing, thanks to various adjustments.
Its flexibility allows, through the exchangeable head, to carry out different types of machining, thanks to the accessories that SATURN-SFK created to meet every need.
The structure of the guide, sturdy and resilient, made with special alloys, guarantees high performance and high mechanical characteristics.
The study and the various user's needs have allowed to develop a wide range of accessories to adapt our guide to the different sewing machines, and especially to perform almost all of the needs.
Guide designed to be tailored to all industrial sewing machines; compact, simple to use with a variety of recording possibilities.
The guide includes:
knob horizontal register.
Knob vertical log.
Support caliper of deformable channels.
Universal ends to support all types of applications.
Top pin to disengage the guide.

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