This equipmenti has been designed to complement the horizontal drying ovens as THE KING 7001 model and the oven Bad Brother EE--160 model.
His has a dual function because it can be placed either in the entrance of the furnace to avoid the leaking of the fresh paint on the materials and "Stopping" the color, both in the unloading phase, in the kiln outlet to bring down the temperature of the materials staring so perfect color on the painted ribs.
This device has a height of 45 cm and a width of 50, has two independent fan motors can be operated separately depending on the amount of air needed, with adjustable positions on the horizontal axis, by means of knobs placed on the outside of the body.
The photocell interlock system (optional for all ovens) allows to staion details or tanks below the chiller.

Mod. 7005

2 Motors 65 watt rpm 1400
Overall size cm 65 x 50 x 60 cm Volt 220 Monophases
Net Weight kg 20 ca

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