SATURN has created this machine for threading buckles already treated and mounted on leather or fabric, such as belts, straps, shoulder straps, loops, etc.
Its special feature is the crazy spindle that operates only with the accessory pressure filettaree automatically back with counter-pressure.
A special guide allows perpendicular to thread without damaging the piece.
The self-centering chuck crowds can mount groove rope from the measure M1 to M8.
The threading process serves to clean the seat of the mounting screws from the imperfections of the surface treatment such as plating, nickel plating and any other galvanic treatment with weld material.

self-centering chuck for crowds chasers M1 to M8
three-phase asynchronous motor 0.25 kW - 380 volts
Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 260 mm - Weight 20 kg

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