SATURN has created this machine to dry in series of all types of painted products such as wallets, belts, shoulder bags, waist, zips up the large bags.

The control panel with temperature regulator and potentiometer tape makes it easy to use the oven.
The oven can work in a convection heating mode, equipped with a double turbine, a free and the other with resistors for heating the air to 100 ° C.

The opening/closing of the doors is totally manual and with the simple use of the handle mounted on doors allows to place all its height two doors with a simple gesture. The heating chamber has a length of 160 cm to 42 cm height and a width of 51 cm, the new horizontal air intake system allows to focus on the ventilation flow directly on the conveyor belt so as to facilitate the drying of belts and flat pieces.
The external wings (lockable to the transport) have appendages that interfere with work due to the ghost motor.

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