LMT SATURN has created this machine to remove 90% of the water present in a simple step on details such as buckles, closures, chains, all metal accessories for fashion bags, belts, footwear and components for leather goods, which come out of the vibrating and tumbling phase in water.

Once the vibrating / tumbling passage has been carried out, the parts are massed onto a perforated rubber tank and insertedat the front of the blowing machine. The bowls inserted one behind the other in two horizontal guides slide apressure, once out of the blowing tunnel the tanks are recovered from the conveyor belt of the ad King Mod. 7001 infrared which will automatically end the drying process by letting the oven the vats with completely dry parts. The machine is equipped with an inverter that allows the variation of the air flow which impacts on the parts.

Technical features

Avaiable for tank dim.44,5 X 27 X 3 cm
– Inverter adjustment air flow
– Power1,1 Kw – 220 Volt
- Dimension : cm 150 x 60 x 143 cm – Net weigth Kg 150

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