SATURN has created this machine to dry in series of all types of painted products such as wallets, belts, shoulder, hips, zips up to the large bags.

The touch makes the oven easy to use and with great alternatives programming .

The oven can operate in three different modalities:
Heating ventilated, infrared and / or both; all assisted by an electronic system that allows to program the timing of opening / closing of doors and decide the parking time of the material within the drying chamber.
We can decide the speed of the conveyor and create work cycles, we can work in automatic and manual mode.
Planning from the display the desired heights. Infrared mode can adjust the intensity of the power from 25 to 100%, guaranteeing perfect drying using a maximum power of only 1000 watts.
The new applied technology allows to obtain a temperature (up to 90 °) constant within the chamber and thanks to special insulated walls have a total thermal insulation on the outside.
The heating chamber has a length of 300 cm to 90 cm width. The outer folding wings for transport does not have appendages that do not interfere with work due to the ghost motor ..


Technicals Features

Alimentation 380 Volt
Hot power 4000 watt
Infrared power 1000 watt
Elettronic speed adjuster
termocontrol and timer
no need air pressure
automatic electronic doors control.
Interroll Gost Motor for moving tape 24Volt

Mod. 7006 Total extension 480 cm - Dimension : 320 (480) X 90 X 170 cm Weight : 400 kg
Mod. 7006-L extra plane version (100 cm) in entrance (580 cm total) - Weight : 425 kg
Mod. 7006-XL double extra plane version (100 cm + 100 cm ) in entrance and exit (680 cm total) - Weight : 450 kg

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