This machine has been created specifically for large panels coupling operations, for pressing flat or rounded belts, for ironing the sides of bags and pre-assembled panels, in general, for crushing any piece, for flattening and fixing the coupling.

It can be fitted with either a double rubber roller for pressing irregular material, or a steel roller for conveying on one side only.

The models of this special series 6900, 7900 and 8900 are respectively equipped with rollers having lengths of 600, 700 and 800 mm recommended for larger pieces, generally for bags and suitcases - also available in the pressure pneumatic system version and only head version.

Mod. 6900
useful working area mm 600
Mod. 6900 VR
variable speed
Dimension cm 85x40x110

net weigth Kg 50 circa

Mod. 7900
useful working area mm 700
Mod. 7900 VR
variable speed
dimension cm 95x40x110

net weigth Kg 55 circa

Mod. 8900
useful working area mm 800
Mod. 8900 VR
variable speed
dimension cm 105x40x110

net weigth Kg 60 circa

Technical Features
Motore kw 0,25 - rpm 1400 - Volt 220/380

Avaiables version only head and with pressure pneumatic system

Mod. 6900-T
working area mm 600 only head
Mod. 6900-P Mod, 6900-VRP
pneumatic system 6 BAR with or without speed adgjustment

Mod. 7900-T
working area mm 700 only head
Mod. 7900- P Mod, 7900-VRP
pneumatic system 6 BAR with or without speed adgjustment

Mod. 8900-T
working area mm 800 only head
Mod. 8900- P Mod, 8900-VRP
pneumatic system 6 BAR with or without speed adgjustment

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