SATURN has created this oven to dry all types of painted products such as wallets, sides, small-medium-sized zip pullers.

A total capacity of 8 shelves that can be positioned from a minimum of 5 cm, one from the other, with dimensions 60 x 25 cm (4 supplied).

The internal chamber has dimensions 63 x 28 x 43 cm, which makes it possible to position the shelves even at different distances. The control panel makes the oven very easy to use.
The oven has a single turbine ventilated heating; the temperature isassisted by an electronic system that allows you to program a progressive flow of air inside the drying cabin (max 90 ° C).
Thanks to 2 other cold-ventilated turbines, which act as an air cutting foil, it is possible to obtain a "wall" that cuts the air while keeping the heat inside, with the possibility of varying the flow thanks to a regulator positionned on control panel.
Also available the version Mod. 5040-F with 2 cold air fans under the head.

Technicals Features

Alimentation 220 Volt
Hot power 1000 watt
Elettronic termocontrol temperature 90°C
Wall air regolation system
Mod. 5040
4 Racks Dimensions : 60 x 25 cm
External measures 70 x 40 x 56 cm
Weight : 14 kg
Mod. 5040
– 4 Racks - Dimensions : 63 x 25 cm -External measures 70 x 40 x 56 cm Weight : 14 kg

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