This machine is designed to brush, finish and polish leather articles and footwear.
It has two independent arms driven by two motors controlled by an inverter for adjusting the speed (from 0 to 4000 rev / min).
Each arm can mount disks and 30 mm diameter plugs, 20 mm and miniutensili with shaft diameter 6 mm for small and special finishes.
The machine is equipped with an independent vacuum system for each arm.
The support is provided with removable extension to work at two different heights.

Technical specifications

Mod. 740-VR
Engines 2 HP 2800 rpm 0.5
centrifugal fan HP 0.5
HP Total power consumption 1,5
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 140 cm
voltage 220 Volt single-phase
Net weight about 120 Kg

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