SATURN has created this oven to dry all types of painted products such as wallets, sidewalls, small-medium size pieces.

A total capacity of 7 racks that can be positioned from a minimum of 5 cm, one from the other, of dimensions 50 x 50 cm.
The large internal chamber has dimensions 52 x 52 x 60 cm, which makes it possible to place the racks even at different distances. The control panel makes the oven very easy to use. The upper support surface of the oven with surface 80x77 cm, it can also accommodate 2 edge dyes and has two 220 volt single phase sockets.

The control panel makes the oven very easy to use. The oven has a double turbine ventilated heating; the temperature is assisted by an electronic system that allows you to program a progressive flow of air inside the drying cabin (max 90 ° C). Thanks to 4 other cold-ventilated turbines, which act as an air cutting foil, it is possible to obtain a “wall” that cuts the air while keeping the heat inside.
The timer allows you to adjust the time spent inside the chamber. A beep at the end of the cycle warns the time countdown.

Technical Features Mod. 5051

Alimentation 220 Volt – Hot power 2000 watt + timer and door
Elettronic termocontrol temperature 90°C

Mod. 5051 – 7 Racks
Dimensions : 50 x 50 cm
External measures 80 x 77 x 140 cm
Weight : 80 kg

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