Finishing brushing machine mod. 760 with hepa filter

This machine has the particularity of having the suction system positioned inside the support.
This is the Evolution of the popular 750-VR Touch Plus; which expands its range with the addition of the standard HEPA filter for all 760 models.
From its large and intuitive screen you can operate the two arms, change the speeds (from 0 to 4000 rpm) and control the aspirator with a simple touch.

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With high capacity with variable flow rate (Mod. 760-VRAV TOUCH PLUS), they allow to satisfy all the innumerable needs of the operator. The internal computer at its disposal communicates with the operator continuously updating the conditions of use and carries out real-time diagnostics of each electronic and mechanical component allowing the user to interact with a simplified graphic interface.

Each arm can mount expansion discs and pads with a diameter of 30 mm, 20 mm and mini-tools with a diameter of 6 mm for small and particular finishes.The machine is equipped with independent suction for each arm. on the aspirator and with proximity sensors Mod. 760-VRAVP that stop the motion of the shafts in the absence of the operator.

The machine can be equipped with an ERGO electric platform for adjusting the working height thanks to the control placed on the front of the machine. Max height difference 15 cm

Filtro HEPA

The HEPA filter allows you to clean air particles up to 99.95%.

The positioning inside the base always allows filtering at maximum efficiency. An easily removable recovery tank for cleaning dirt/dust and maintenance and replacement of the filter.

PATENT PENDING - N°009032014-0001

Technical specifications

2 Motors HP 0,5 rpm 2800
Aspirator HP 1,1
Total Power HP 2,1
Overall size cm 110 x 50 x 140 cm
Volt 220 Monophases
Net Weight Kg 130 ca.

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