Construction machines for Leather

Discover our machines for sizing, painting, folding, stamping, applying adhesive, pressing, drying, trimming and cutting

Costruzione Macchine per Pelletteria Costruzione Macchine per Pelletteria Costruzione Macchine per Pelletteria

LMT Saturn

Technology at your side - Improve your work

For over 40 years the brand SADA is present in the world of leather, always on the side of the customer and always aimed at improving its products to maintain market presence and meet the needs that the same skin's global market requires.

The continued development of its advanced and competitive products, has created a wide range of machines required to leather workshops, where we produce articles of all kinds and of different qualities; from simple to big brand product product that has made important Made in Italy leather goods.

Since 2001, the SATURN-SFK presents the world of builders with new ideas and an organizational system certified according to European norms and standards, without forgetting the origins and collecting new patented products that perfectly meet the international quality and safety, such as to ensure customer satisfaction.

Each product is controlled and manufactured exclusively in Italy and every supplier is also certified and qualified to meet our production standards.

Our technicians are always in contact with both suppliers and with our customers: the right partnership to grow in every aspect …

... Anyway ... always at your side.

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